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Itto’s is proud to offer catering options for your event or office.
Our catering menu is frequently updated as well as our traditional menu.
Please be aware that we can not guarantee the availability of certain items. Please order in advance!


Serves 10 – 15

  • Spiced Olives (gf) (v) $50

    harissa, garlic, herbs

  • Moroccan Chop Salad (gf) (v) $50

    cucumber, tomato, red onion, cilantro, and embellishments

  • Cumin Beet Salad (gf) (v) $55

    Beets, red onion, cumin, cilantro, vinegar, micro greens

  • Charmoula Carrot Salad (gf) (v) $40

    Small farmers carrots & red chermoula (cilantro, parsley, garlic, cumin, paprika, lemon juice)

  • Zaalook Spread (gf) (v) $55

    Spiced and roasted eggplant and tomato


Sold by the piece

  • Dolmes (gf) (veg) $2.00 each

    Rice stuffed grape leaves, goat cheese, roasted red pepper vegan optional

  • Stuffed Dates (gf) (veg) $3.00 each

    Eggplant wrapped dates, goat cheese, piquillo pepper, balsamic reduction

  • Maakooda (veg) $8 each

    Morrocan spiced potato cake, harissa aioli, lemon-garlic aioli, microgreens
    gf optional

  • Tortilla Española (gf) (veg) $45

    Traditional onion/potato omelet (room temp), harissa aioli, micro greens, fine Spanish olive oil.
    Serves 12-15

  • Chicken Bastilla $15

    Spiced almond chicken stuffed in a fib picket, cinnamon dust, saffron honey, candied almonds

  • Cheese Platter (veg) (gfo) $100

    manchego, gorgonzola, honey-fruit goat cheese, fruit, balsamic reduction

  • Spicy Harissa Vegetable (gf) (v) $60

    Sun-dried tomato, toasted almonds

  • Harissa Gambas (gfo) $120

    smoked garlic, olive oil, harissa, cilantro, butter, microgreens, baguette

  • Moroccan Lemon Chicken (gfo) $130

    slow-roasted chicken, preserved lemon, onion, garlic, parsley, green olive, baguette

  • Couscous w/Seasonal Vegetable (gf (v) $70

    Add chicken $50
    Add lamb, goat, or beef $80

  • Moroccan Meatballs (gf) $120

    Moroccan spiced beef, seasoned tomato sauce

  • Lamb Tagine (gf) $180

    Leg of lamb, figs, plums, almonds, sesame seeds

  • Beef Tenderloin (gf) $250

    Plancha, grilled herb roasted baby rainbow potatoes, Moroccan-olive truffle butter, demi, microgreens, truffle-infused olive oil

  • Spanish Paella (gf) $150

    arroz, prawn, scallop, chorizo, linguisa, bell pepper, onion, green peas, lemon, cilantro
    seafood only $200

  • Squid $100

    Capers, onion, red pepper, avocado aioli, red cabbage $MP

  • Fruit Platter MP

    Seasonal fruit

  • House-made Semolina Bread (veg) $10

    1 large loaf

  • Saffron Rice (gf) (v) $30

Please be aware there is a 20% service charge for all catering orders

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Serves 10 - 15


Sold by the piece


Serves 10-15 *unless otherwise noted*


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